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     May 14th, 2020

Special discount until May 30th - Only $3.33 .
After this date, the price is going to be $6.80 .

     May 7th, 2020

The new version is in the Microsoft Store. Please update.

     May 1st, 2020

Another thing I've just noticed: I forgot to write the program procedure to register variables that are written in data segments. So the user should press Ctrl+R after editing those variables.
The updated version will be available in the beginning of next week.

     April 30th, 2020

Limited time offer:
Use promotional code GCTX4-7VVKR-YH3MD-VH3JR-PDC6Z to get ACE full version for FREE!
Or simply click this link
This offer ends on May the 3rd or when 50 people install the app.

v0.12.4.0 is on the way with the following fixes:

- Right-click menu commands for copying, cutting, undoing and redoing didn't work

- (In non-enhanced mode) - After editing a line and pressing the right arrow at the end of line, the caret jumped one line too far down.

- Registers {r8d,r8w,r8b} to {r15d,r15w,r15b} weren't recognized (they didn't get colored) by the editor when formatting.

- Active box text background colour corrected

- Ability to change the delay for onscreen line number appearance (when holding down Ctrl or Shift)

     April 29th, 2020

I've already identified two bugs that I have to correct in the next update:
(In non-enhanced mode) - After editing a line and pressing the right arrow at the end of line, the caret jumped one line too far down.
Registers {r8d,r8w,r8b} to {r15d,r15w,r15b} aren't recognized (they don't get colored) by the editor when formatting.
You can expect the update tomorrow as I've already made the necessary changes to the source code.
     April 29th, 2020

Version has been released. Now available in the Microsoft Store. The free version is now also available for installing from Microsoft Store.

     April 27th, 2020

The update will probably be available in the Microsoft Store by tomorrow.

     April 27th, 2020

After months of full-time development, I've finally released the update which has many improvements.
Online help page updated.

     January 29th, 2020

Major update is out. Several fixes and improvements. Please see release notes.

     August 2nd

Version is out -
As I wrote in yesterday's post(below), in case you've already installed it, you'll need to uninstall it first, otherwise it probably won't want to update, because it has the same version number.

     August 1st

Important: If you already installed version, please uninstall it and wait for the re-release of the same version, because this one has issues with file dialog boxes. The update will be out in the following days, maybe tomorrow. It will be announced here.

     July 30th

In my last attempt to record a video tutorial, I encountered some bugs, many of which are described in release notes. An update is soon going to be released.

     July 22nd

Base price has been reduced + 25% off until August 8th

     May 10th

Version is out. Please test -- Anyone that finds a relevant bug will be given the app for free!
Install the 30-day trial from Microsoft Store to start testing. You, of course, won't be automatically charged for the app after the trial period expires.

     May 9th

Right... Earlier today I've found out that Store Apps run in a sandboxed environment and that they have no permission to write anywhere else than in the local folder.
My app tried to save the instruction list to the original location which probably threw an unhandled exception. Therefore, it was unusable because a user couldn't save his additional instructions.
But version is on the way, in which those errors are fixed; I also tested the import and export options for both, instruction lists as well as the style settings.
For the last two months, I'm having some technical issues with my development computer, so I couldn't properly test the app(well, I was just too lazy to be bothered with testing the app on another computer, but now I see that this is the best approach, because the tested app has different file writing permissions on the computer which it was developed on). But today I made the Desktop App Converter work again, so things are more or less back to normal again.

     May 6th

While recording the demonstrational video, I've found some bugs. One of them is was quite annoying - the editor copied a line when clicking the code window in fully enhanced mode. Now I'm working on adding a separate font/color options for strings.

     May 1st

You can already download v0.6.1.0 from Microsoft Store. I'm preparing equipment for recording the presentation video.

     May 1st

Things to expect in v0.6.1.0:

Bug fix - The editor crashed in some cases when trying to color a line that contained an instruction followed by macro name and misplaced parentheses

Adjustment - With certain fonts and their sizes, the shortcut menus were slightly too small

     April 30th

Incoming update with fixes...

     April 16th


A big update arrived - Colorized code & more...

     April 3rd

The new version is already available for download in the Microsoft Store.

     April 2nd

Please be on the watch for the arrival of a new update, coming very shortly, maybe today.
New improvements/fixes include:
- Right-click menu for standard operations
- Standard menu options added, including Replace
- Ctrl+Up/Down Arrows are now used for scrolling
- H/V Scrollbars
- Many smaller improvements and fixes
- Other things redesigned, refurbished, reorganized...

     March 26th

Demo for any Windows available on the home page.

     February 8th

I forgot to mention that I deleted a line in the code, which probably made macro autocompletion not to work.

     February 6th

Version is soon going to be released.
I dug deep into the code, began to understand it again, managed to navigate in my 4k line long code file and made plenty of important corrections and improvements.
In the version after this, an option to compile and execute multiple commands on the .asm file being edited will be added.

     January 29th, 2019

Version is available in the Microsoft Store
The word list, by which the editor recognizes variables is now, I think, complete. (Added REALx, DWORD, WORD, SWORD, ...)

     January 29th, 2019

There was a potential unpleasant experience in versions before - When one would exit the app and the changes weren't saved, it would ask you to save. Then, if clicked Cancel, the app would exit without saving changes.

     January 25th, 2019

Version for Framework 2.0 will be available on this site in the future.
Yesterday, I've also succesfully tested that ACE works if I downgrade it to FW2. Because I was planning this, I didn't need to do any changes to the source code.
I'm also considering making a demo version in FW2.

     January 24th, 2019

Alright!! Version is already out! With the bug mentioned below fixed!

     January 24th, 2019

Bug found: in some cases, pressing Ctrl+Down Arrow duplicates the current line.

I've located and corrected the bug. The Ctrl+Down/Up combination is one of the last features that I added. It moves the editing line to next or previous arg1/arg2/comment

     January 23rd, 2019

Version is available in the Microsoft Store

     January 22nd, 2019

I must confess, v0.1.0.0 was disastrous...
Due to my lack of knowledge about where the application data resides, my app attempted to save the instruction list file into an illegal path. That probably made the app quite unusable.
Also it had appearance issues, partially because I was using a bit more strange color theme on my Windows as well as the high contrast mode.

But anyhow, v0.1.2.0 will be out soon, where all these things are fixed, performance improvements and some additions as it will be listed in the "What's new" section on ACE on Microsoft Store.
There will also be plenty of screenshots so you can get a feel what this app is all about.