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How this editor came to be

I've learnt that one of the easiest things to do on the keyboard is pressing the same key twice, or pressing two keys which are close to each other. With this observation in mind and also with a bit of inspiration from the graphical user interfaces on CNC machines, I've started this project over five years ago, slowly developing it and occasionally using it for writing ASM code. I got very used to it and something was missing when I was editing ASM code in plain text editor. For example, few times, after I wrote the first argument I pressed Space, expecting that it will serve as pressing the comma sign(","), as it would in my app.
In the beginning of 2019, I started a new project, which involved some ASM code. When I was using the editor, I fell in love with it completely, put the current project aside and I decided to finally start selling the app in the Microsoft Store. But the app had only two textboxes, there weren't any menus yet, I was even using it without the Open and Save procedures, I used to copy-paste the code from and to the actual assembler. In around ten days of hard work, I managed to build menus, add some new commands, make some appearance adjustments to bring the form close to Windows standards, improve some functions and pack it all together.

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