This x64 .NET library holds algorithms for performing basic calculations upon the Hyper data type.
Currently only available in Framework 4.8 flavour.

Overview and reference with examples

This is entirely my own creation. The implemented algorithms were not developed by following examples from anyone else. moaphukka 😀

 Install Hyper Data Type from Visual Studio Marketplace

if you want to only use the native library (without .NET interop) Click here

Change log:
- correction: When inputting from string, one decimal digit was being cut.
- Integral part of input string is no longer limited to 18 digits
- Some other small fixes.

- A bug in the Add procedure has been found and squashed :)
- Decimal exponent now supported in the input string, i.e. New Hyper("123.221e-5510")
- Add(Int64, Exp64) function added to perform addition on a single Digit.
- Incr, Decr operations added
- Intellisense descriptions now (finally) work

v1.0.5 - Added the missing Intellisense method descriptions, a small correction in New(String)
v1.0.4 - Fixed potential issues in the Divide procedure, fixed the installer/uninstaller
v1.0.3 - minor corrections, granted access to native methods (in case you want to append some of your own magic to it 🙂)
v1.0.2 - Removed unusable exposed methods, added a functional NewFromString method (i.e. now you can use the New Hyper("-123.77768...") initializer with any number of digits)

Published: October 15th
Last page update: November 23rd