Hyper (-precision) type can be used like any other numeric data type. But at this point only the basic calculations are available, including Mod and \ operators.

The library manipulates numbers of extremely large size - anywhere from 8 bytes up to 16GB (upper limit not tested yet) .
It works as a balanced numeral system with base of 264 and it provides the most efficient way of performing basic calculations upon large-scale memory blocks.
A way to look at this type is as it is a mixture of a String and a number. Instead of Char's it has Int64's. In addition, an Int32 defines precision (how many Int64's are used for non-integral part)

While operators +, -, * and / offer a convenient way, performance-wise, the Add, Subtract, Multiply  and  Divide methods are faster as they don't require extra memory to be allocated. The calculations are performed directly on the existing digits.