Version 0.2 is available for download
and it contains:

- Many bugfixes,
- new feature -> export MIDI file of any length,
- other upgrades, corrections and improvements.

Use your keyboard as an electric drum kit.

Download & Install

At this point, no installation is required. Just unzip this file  into the desired folder and then run the .exe. Optionally, you can right-click the .exe and add a desktop shortcut.


Inspired by the Roland D-10 Synthesizer's drum pattern editor, this app lets you compose rhythm patterns in real-time as well as in step-by-step mode. Use your keyboard as a rich set of drums (the sounds are provided by Windows MIDI), each key has an assigned drum sound to it.

It's still not as awesome as the real thing(due to a slight key latency), but with the app, complex rhythm patterns can easily be written. On the other hand it's more simple because it has a visual editor.


Technologies used:

 - Visual Studio 2019 (VB.NET)

 - NAudio API


Future development


- Track builder

- Adding other instruments

- Maybe add the ability to have WAV files instead of MIDI drums

- Two number boxes aren't completely functional yet

- Online Beat Bay to share and download patterns

This app will soon be available on the Microsoft Store, probably in two versions - free and pro.


You may speed up the development process by donating below.