Version history


Version is available for download
- Corrections to bar visualizer and turn based adding,
- funcionality of number boxes added for velocity and time tracker sliders,
- visual improvements.

Click on the image below to watch a short presentational video. In the background, you will be able to hear some demo rhythms that I've exported with this app.

Download & Install

At this point, no installation is required. Just unzip this file  into the desired folder and then run the .exe. Optionally, you can right-click the .exe and add a desktop shortcut.


Inspired by the Roland D-10 Synthesizer's drum pattern editor, this app lets you compose rhythm patterns in real-time as well as in step-by-step mode. Use your keyboard as a rich set of drums (the sounds are provided by Windows MIDI engine), each key has an assigned drum sound to it.

It's still not as awesome as the real thing(due to a slight key latency), but with the app, complex rhythm patterns can easily be written. On the other hand it's more simple because it has a visual editor.


Technologies used:

 - Visual Studio 2019 (VB.NET)

 - NAudio API


Future development


- Track builder

- Adding other instruments

- Maybe add the ability to have WAV files instead of MIDI drums

- Online Beat Bay to share and download patterns

This app will soon be available on the Microsoft Store, probably in two versions - free and pro.


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